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It’s been 84 years…

… since I last posted here.

Oh well, I really wished I could write here regularly because it makes me so happy… I’ll do my best. It’s going to be hard, though, I’m on my high school senior year and studying my ass off to get into a nice college.

By the way, I want to be a book editor and translator (no one is asking, but fuck it). This idea makes me really happy, you know. I love reading and working with grammar, so this career just seems perfect for me. When I finish college, I intend to go to Canada. I LOVE THAT COUNTRY, OKAY?! My dream is living in Montreal for at least three months, speak canadian french and visit as many places near by as I can (hello NYC).

Damn, I drifted back there. The only thing I came to say is that I’ll be posting very rarely and I’m almost done on the first part of that story I planned to post here. That’s it.



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