Name: Summer Clarisse Michaels

Age: 16

Likes: photography, tumblr, harry potter, coffee, bass players, earl grey, nathaniel buzolic, snow, flowers, nutella cupcakes, tea, rick riordan, doctor who, meg cabot, strawberry, the smell of a new book, peeing, chocolate, adolf hitler (it is purely academic), rock n’ roll, dan brown, marilyn monroe, stamps,  axl rose, rain, world of warcraft, shonda rhimes, punk rock, zebras, blue, sherlock, hats, music, l. j. smith,  long haired guys, hannibal, a series of unfortunate events, lemony snicket’s name, elvis presley, kat graham, navy, and so many other things that don’t really come to my mind right now.

Dislikesstupidity, ignorance, heartbreaks, hot weather, chantilly, spoiled people, iPhones, 50 shades of grey, haters, people that ruin my shows, cramps, julie plec, sweet child o’ mine’s lyrics, sum 41, being a third wheel, pms, low battery. How adorable, I can think of more things that i like than dislike.



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